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Tight End Premium

Our most requested feature is finally here: TE Premium is now live across KTC’s dynasty, redraft, and devy offerings! Whether you’re using the Trade Calculator, Dynasty Rankings, League Power Rankings, Redraft Rankings, Devy Rankings, Superflex, or 1QB, our TEP tools are here to help you make informed decisions in building your dynasty team.

About TE Premium

Tight End Premium dynasty leagues are all about boosting TEs to balance their value compared to QBs, RBs, and WRs. TEP leagues have exploded in popularity over the last few years, using a wide array of methods to boost TE value: PPR bonuses, point-per-target or point-per-first-down scoring, or even adding a second starting tight end spot (2TE). Some leagues push it even further and do two starting tight ends AND additional bonuses. Every league is different!

How KTC's TE Premium Works

A one-size-fits-all approach for TEP is impossible because of all the extremes and different approaches to boosting TE value. No single set of TE Premium rankings would be accurate for a league with a simple .5PPR TE bonus and a league with two tight ends and +1PPR/+.5PPTgt/+.5PPFD bonus. Because our dynasty values and rankings here at KeepTradeCut are entirely crowdsourced, that presents a unique challenge!

Rather than trying to find a ‘good enough’ middle-of-the-road solution, we instead give you the control over the level of Tight End Premium you want to be reflected in the rankings and trade calculator. With the new TEP Control across the site, you can easily increase or decrease the algorithmic premium that’s applied to TEs depending on your own league and scoring settings.

Essentially, we're here to provide as much help to dynasty players as possible. Got questions/comments/thoughts? Shoot us a message below.

The Different TEP Options

TEP here at KeepTradeCut has four options: Off, TE+, TE++, and TE+++, each of which applies a different magnitude of premium using our custom algorithm to boost tight end value. While each league is different, here are some general guidelines to help you determine which level your own league falls into:

Off  —  1 starting TE. No scoring bonus for tight ends.

TE+  —  1 starting TE. A mild/moderate scoring bonus for tight ends – something like a +.5PPR/.75PPR boost, or roughly 1.5–2x the PPR that WRs receive, or a similarly reasonable boost via other scoring mechanisms.

TE++  —  2 starting TEs, OR a significant/extreme scoring bonus for tight ends – like a >1PPR boost or >2x WR PPR, and/or a very considerable boost via other scoring mechanisms.

TE+++  —  2 starting TEs, AND additional scoring bonus(es) for tight ends compared to WRs.

The site will remember the TEP setting you have selected, and changing the premium setting is as easy as adjusting the stepper control in the site navigation or on the page itself.

Tight End Premium in KTC’s League Power Rankings

Rather than requiring you to set the TE Premium settings for each of your leagues in the Power Rankings, we calculate the appropriate TEP level from your league’s scoring settings and apply that setting automatically. That calculated premium level (if applicable) is displayed in the league settings bar at the top of every page.

Answering K/T/C Questions

TEP being applied across the site raises the obvious question: ‘Should I consider TE Premium when answering the popup K/T/C question/submitting KTCs?’ Answer: Nope! Because we apply the premium levels for tight ends algorithmically using our base .5PPR 12 team rankings/values as the starting point, all K/T/C questions should still be answered just with a default .5PPR 12 team league, with no TE Premium of any kind.

Premium, For All

We’re thrilled to finally launch Tight End Premium — by far our most requested feature — as yet another free tool to help dynasty managers everywhere make informed decisions and build juggernauts by using the wisdom of the crowd. Got thoughts, questions, or other ideas? Check out our FAQs or contact us.

Otherwise, go give TE Premium a try across the site!

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