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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

How Does This All Work?

KeepTradeCut provides rankings and values for dynasty and redraft fantasy football. The way we do this is simple — to see the rankings we first make you answer a quick question. All you have to do is rank three players according to how you value them - designating the most valuable player a Keep, the second player a Trade, and the least valuable player a Cut. We consolidate those answers from every user and do some nifty math to spit out one consolidated, crowdsourced list of rankings and values.

What Format/League Style?

Because our rankings are crowdsourced, it’s easier to have an agreed upon format: 12 team, .5 PPR, with both 1QB and superflex options - which we provide for dynasty, redraft, and devy.

How Do KTCs Work?

Essentially, you’re given three players and need to order them how you rank them. #1 is Kept, #2 is Traded, and #3 is Cut. This ranking should be done basically ‘in a vacuum’ as much as possible - just raw value without thinking about roster construction or rebuilding vs. competing teams.

Should Trade Value Be Considered in a KTC?

Nope. It might seem odd, but don’t include what you perceive to be the trade value of players to affect how you answer a KTC - just think about the traded player as being less valuable than the kept player and more valuable than the cut player. So, if you have two players and you prefer Player A to Player B, Player A should be your 'Keep' even if you think Player B might command a higher value on the trade block.

How Much Does KTC Cost?

It’s free! It’d be silly to charge for a crowdsourced resource - we want as many people using the site as possible to make the rankings as accurate as possible. However, if you do have the urge to help us pay our server costs, there is a way for you to do that.

How Often Are Rankings Updated?

This is the beauty of KTC: every time someone submits a KTC the rankings are updated. So — because you need to submit a KTC periodically to see the rankings — whenever people are visiting the site the rankings are being updated.

Where is [PLAYER] in the Rankings/Trade Calculator?

Not seeing a player you feel has enough value to be in the rankings/trade calculator? You can help us out by suggesting a player to add to the site here: Dynasty | Devy | Redraft

How Do I Make Sure My Leaguemates Don’t Find Out About This?

Actually, you should hope they do! It's crucial to understand how other people value players, how you value players, and where those valuations differ. That’s what KTC is here for, and the more people contributing to the rankings the more accurately they will reflect the community’s valuation of players. And yes, that includes your leaguemates.

The Nitty Gritty

Where Do the Rankings and Values Come From?

Without giving away too much of the secret sauce, we use an adapted ELO algorithm to process all of the KTCs that are submitted and calculate player values that follow a reasonable distribution on the value spectrum. It’s not an exact science, but we try our best to make sure that the values represent the scarcity of studs and also the gradient of player values from top to bottom.

How Does Superflex/One QB Work?

We essentially keep two totally separate databases of values running in parallel for Superflex and 1QB – which is why there can sometimes be differences between the two even for non-QBs. You can turn Superflex On/Off using the toggle which will update both the rankings/values you see as well as which database your KTCs are submitted into.

Why Does a Non-QB Have Different Values in Superflex and One QB Mode?

Our Superflex and One QB databases operate entirely independently of one another, each with their own input KTCs. Some difference between even non-QB players in the different formats is expected.

Why Did I Get a Super Easy KTC Question?

We occasionally run 'test' KTCs that ask a question with one obvious right answer. "Keep" the stud to prove you're paying attention (you can Trade or Cut either of the other two)! This is one of several things we do behind the scenes to ensure our crowdsourced data is rock solid.

Dynasty Football Trade Calculator

How Accurate is the Trade Calculator?

Frankly, trading is so owner, team, and situation specific that calculators are at best a gut check, so we aim to be the best gut check we can be. Every trade is unique to the specific owners involved, so all we can do is give the averages of how dynasty owners value players.

What is the 'Value Adjustment'?

Trading is more than simple addition. We add value to the side of the trade that's giving up more when you look at roster spots, players' 'stud' factor, etc. This is our way of countering (as much as possible) trade calculations that say 12 third round picks are a fair deal for DeAndre Hopkins.

The actual adjustment is reverse engineered from the player the lesser side needs to have added to even the trade, which is why it'll update as players are added to either side.

How is the 'Value Adjustment' Determined?

A few things are factored into the 'Value Adjustment' - the difference in value of the players involved, how much of a 'stud' the players involved are, the number of players of lesser value included in the trade... and a lil fancy math. Then the adjustment itself is actually reverse-engineered from the player needed to even the trade.

Dynasty League Power Rankings

How do Power Rankings Work?

You enter a public league ID, and we handle the rest!

We pull the rosters and draft picks for each team, match them with KTC's realtime crowdsourced market values, and then run them through an algorithm (similar to our Trade Calculator's) to make sure studs and depth are given appropriate weighting.

There are a ton of different ways to slice and dice your league - rank by full team, players only, or by position on the Power Rankings page, see rosters and positions and compare team builds on the Teams page, get a quick sense of the league at a glance on the League Overview page, or compare two teams' rosters, positional strength, picks, and depth on the Team Comparison page.

Which Dynasty Platforms are Supported?

We currently support leagues hosted on MyFantasyLeague and Sleeper.

How are Studs Weighted vs Depth?

Just adding up player values isn't enough! Similarly to how our trade calculator adjusts packages based upon the studs/depth in the trade, our power rankings run leagues through an algorithm to weight the top end assets appropriately.

Where Do I Find My League ID?

MFL League IDs are 5 digits at the end of your league home URL. On mobile, it can be found in the MFL Platinum app under 'Settings' or in emails from MFL.

Sleeper League IDs are 18 digits at the end of your league URL. In the app it can be found under 'General League Settings'.

Why Isn't My League Showing Up?

Double check that your league isn't set to Private, that you have the correct League ID entered, and let us know if you are still seeing issues!

I Made a Trade! How Do I Refresh My League Rosters?

League rosters can be refreshed from the platform API every 10 minutes or so – click the 'Re-Sync League' button in the left sidebar/mobile navigation to get your league up to date! On Sleeper there is no sync as data is pulled automatically.

Do Scoring Settings or Starters Impact Values?

Whether a league is 1QB or Superflex/2QB will determine which of KTC's rankings values pull from. Our values are all based on a vanilla 12 team, .5PPR league, so we don't currently support different league scoring settings (PPR, TE Premium, PPC, 2TE, etc) or adjust values based on starters or league size – at least not yet!

How Are Future Pick Values Determined?

KTC includes Early/Mid/Late picks for each round for future years in our crowdsourced rankings and values. For simplicity's sake, all future draft picks in Power Rankings are assumed to be 'Mid' round picks.

Any Resources for Commissioners?

Simplify filling Orphans and Dispersals with our Commissioner functionality in Power Rankings! All you need to do is edit the team names of the necessary teams.

For orphans, add any of ‘Open’, ‘Open Team’, ‘New Manager’, ‘New Team’, ‘New Owner’, ‘Orphan’ in parenthesis or brackets in the team’s name, and that team will be highlighted with a red number. Numbering within that label (so ‘[Open Team 3]’ or ‘(New Manager 5)’) will also work.

For a dispersal, any parenthesis or brackets that contain ‘Dispersal’ will be marked with a gray number in the Power Rankings, and all assets from all dispersal/open teams will be collected in one place below as well as in a separate Dispersal page. No more copying and pasting from a bunch of rosters into a spreadsheet!

Tight End Premium

How does TE Premium Work?

Rather than a TEP On/Off switch, we give you the control over the level of premium you want applied to TEs, based on your own league's settings. Use the TE Premium stepper to increase or decrease the magnitude of premium added to TE values.

More on how KTC's Tight End Premium works here.

What Are the Different Tiers of TE Premium?

The options for TE Premium are Off, TE+, TE++, and TE+++.

Roughly speaking, TE+ is for small/standard premiums, TE++ is for large premiums OR 2TE leagues, and TE+++ is for leagues with 2 starting TEs AND premiums applied.

Head here for a full explanation of each TEP level.

Should I Consider TE Premium When Answering KTCs?

Nope! TE Premium is calculated algorithmically using our base .5PPR/12tm/no TEP values as the starting point, so all KTCs should continue to be answered with .5PPR/12tm/no TEP values in mind.

Why Isn't There a TE Premium Control in Power Rankings?

We automatically detect each league's scoring settings and apply the correct level of TE Premium so you don't have to! That calculated premium level (if applicable) is displayed in the league settings bar at the top of every page.

Fantasy Football Tools

How are the Fantasy Rankings Different from the Dynasty Rankings?

Now that we also support redraft fantasy football, we keep an entirely separate database of fantasy rankings for both Superflex and 1QB. KTCs still work the same way - just rank three players how you value them for the current fantasy season.

Should I Answer KTCs for the Current Week or the Full Season?

KTCs should be answered considering value across the entire current fantasy season - basically which player would you want most on your roster from right now through Week 16. In season we will have a separate section for specific weekly Start/Sits and rankings.

Who Should I Start This Week?

During the season we will have a separate section for specific weekly Start/Sits and rankings – stay tuned!


What Does 'Devy' Mean?

Development, or 'Devy' leagues, are leagues that allow for the drafting of college prospects before they enter the pros. A devy's value should be based on their projected dynasty value when they reach the pros.

How Do Values Relate Between the Dynasty and Devy Rankings?

Values between the Dynasty and Devy rankings are not equivalent - meaning a devy player worth 9999 is not equivalent to a dynasty player worth 9999. Think of them as two separate ranking systems that are relative to themselves, not each other. KTC questions will always be entirely dynasty players or entirely devy players.

Should Devy Valuation Consider College Production?

When submitting devy KTCs, college fantasy production should not be considered — only the player's dynasty value once he's drafted as a rookie in the pros.

What if I Don't Know the Devys in a KTC?

We get that it's less likely that people will know all of the players on the college side, so we've added a "I don't know all of these players" option to Devy KTCs. That'll skip the KTC for a period of time if it's a user's first KTC, and it'll load up a new KTC on the Devy Keep/Trade/Cut page.

Where is [PLAYER] in the Devy Rankings?

Think we're missing a devy player that should be in the rankings? With so many players to keep track of, that's very possible. Please Suggest a Player and let us know!

About Us

Who Made KTC? Is This Your Job?

We’re two dynasty and fantasy obsessed web developers/designers. KTC is a ‘nights and weekends’ passion project.

How Do I Contact You?

Easy - head over to our Contact page. If you’ve got a comment, question, improvement idea, or just want to talk dynasty, we want to hear from you.

Does KTC Have an API or Data Export Option?

We don't currenly have an API or any sort of .csv available for our rankings and values data. This is something we've discussed adding at some point down the line, however, so stay tuned.

Can I Reference KTC's Rankings/Values/Trade Calculator in a Podcast/Article/Etc.?

Absolutely! Our goal is to provide up-to-date values for every fantasy player, and that includes other fantasy content creators. All we'd ask is that you mention us by name when doing so, and maybe drop a link back to KeepTradeCut if possible.


Do I Need to Submit a KTC Every Time I Visit the Site?

Nope. If you accept our cookie policy, you should only have to answer a KTC every few hours (but you can do more if you like on the Keep/Trade/Cut page).

Still Have Questions?

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